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Kuhn Global’s – Buck Rogers – TimeSlip Creations Studio Scale (1/18) QUAD FIGHTER by Dan Grumeretz – Blue Screen Photos by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn)

This has been a long time coming. We have had these amazing TimeSlip studio scale Thunder Fighter kits in our hands for years, and we were finally able to get to them...

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KIT ALERT! 1:35 (11 Inch!) Buck Rogers Starfighter (Earth Force Thunderfighter) from Spacecraft Creation Models





Kit Scale: 1/35

Kit Materials: Resin

Kit Price: $99.95 USD Plus Shipping

Shipping Amount: Us Domestic is $16.95 USD, World-wide is Available


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FINISHED! Paul Anthony Cragg’s – 3D Printed – Studio Scale Buck Roger THUNDERFIGHTER!

Paul has done wonderful work on this Studio Scale Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers. He has an entire room dedicated to 3D printing several machines that can create nearly anything...

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Paul Craggs Studio Scale WIP Update… the Buck Rogers Thunderfighter

Paul Craggs continues to work on his fantastic, 3D Printed, studio scale Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers.


Paul Anthony C...

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Paul Craggs WIP – Studio Scale Buck Rogers Thunderfighter

Artist Paul Craggs is busy, among many current builds, making this studio scale Buck Rogers Thunderfighter! I am looking forward to viewing the completed model.
Of Note: Paul does take on commission w...

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Kuhn Global Studio Scale -Buck Rogers- TRAEGER’s Starfighter Replica by Dan Grumeretz with Blue Screen Photos by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

This model replica has been a thrill to photograph. Each angle simply looks menacing… and cool! I received this completed piece from Dan last year...

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Ranger 3 Original Miniature from Buck Rogers – Photographed by Jim Small

The original VFX model which I photographed in 2008 for modeling reference. It has internal lighting and look closely, there are lights on the fin and wing tips too.
Jim Small

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Buck Rogers – DRACONIA Studio Model Photos by E. James Small

Photos taken by James while in the collection of Gary Cannavo, this is a design I have long wanted to have in my own collection...

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Kuhn Global’s Studio Scale Buck Rogers Draconian Marauder/Hatchet Fighter

This is a fantastic piece in the collection today. Built from the amazing Mark Bradley patterned kit (2007-2008), this is our Buck Rogers Draconian Marauder Studio Scale Replica...

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The Model Creations & Model Size Comparisons of Klaus Heilemann

This model maker uses many items to create his fleet of scaled replicas. He has made many! Some interesting size comparisons as well!

Star Wars & Buck Rogers

“Tie fighter STAR WARS Kenner model too bi...

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