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Paint The DeAgostini Millennium Falcon – Video Series with Steve Dymszo

Hi Star Wars Millennium Falcon builders!


We want to take a moment to update you on our Paint The Millennium Falcon series with Steve Dymszo.

If you aren’t aware or haven’t seen the video we are partn...

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NEWS! DeAgostini’s Studio Scale Millennium Falcon with SD Studios own Stephen Dymszo

The world of Sci-Fi Modelers has been buzzing with DeAgostini’s subscrition release of the Studio Scale Millennium Falcon! Not only is this Falcon extremely accurate, as made certain by Mr...

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SOLD! ULTRA RARE!! “Special” Master Replica’s ESB Millennium Falcon from Stephen Dymszo


Stephen Dymszo


Master Replicas

Star Wars ESB

Millennium Falcon


I would like to think that this is the most-accurate ESB Millennium Falcon model ever made...

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SOLD! War of the Worlds Diorama from SD Studios


SD Studios


War of the Worlds Diorama

This beautiful, highly detailed diorama was built by famed artist Stephen Dymszo! This piece really brings to life the great film released back i...

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