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Bad Azz 1:48 Cylon Raider by Dave Olszewski

Thought I’d share pics. of a 1/48 scale Cylon Raider produced by Bad Azz (available from JT-Graphics). This is also finished in Model Master metallic paints.


Dave Olszewski

Dave Olszewsk...

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The Last Starfighter – GUNSTAR by Dave Olszewski

I thought I’d share some pics of a Gunstar that I built earlier from a kit producer called “Studio 2”. I airbrushed different types of Model Master metallic colors for the finish and weathering...

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1:32 Moebius MK VII Viper with a BEAUTIFUL Scratch Built Cockpit by Dave Olszewski

This is a Moebius 1/32 scale Viper Mk VII. The cockpit is scratch-built using styrene plastic and spare parts for aircraft kits...

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Pierre Drolet’s – Star Trek Into Darkness Concept Klingon Bird of Prey by Dave Olszewski

Pierre’s designs are amazing…. and Dave’s build skills are fantastic! And… I agree about this design… it should have been utilized in ST:ID...

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Bad Azz 1:144 Battlestar Galactica Flak Canon by Dave Olszewski

This is absolutely beautiful!

This is the Bad Azz 1/144 Battlestar Galactica Flak Canon. I spent most of the time on the painting and weathering...

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AFV Club 1:48 F-5N by David Olszewski

This is an F-5N aircraft. My wife really likes the colorful schemes that the F-5 “Aggressor” squadrons use; and, she liked the three tone tan and brown scheme, so I wanted to build this kit for her...

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JPG Rebel Blockade Runner by Dave Olszewski

Beautiful build of the JPG Productions Blockade Runner by Dave!







Dave Olszewski

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Bad Azz 1:32 Viper Mk III by Dave Olszewski

Artist Dave Olszewski built TWO of these Bad Azz kits of the Mk III Viper (a beefy design which I love by the way)…...

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Dave Olszewski’s Ma.K. 1:20 Falke

Built from the Hasegawa Kit, artist Dave Olszewski removed an engine panel and scratch-built some framework and engine details. Beautiful work!




Dave Olszewski

To contact this artist direct, ple...

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1:2500 (22 Inch!) Battlestar Galactica by Dave Olszewski

We have the great pleasure of showing the works of artist Dave Olszewski! Showing first is his fantastic build of the amazing Bad Azz kit… the Battlestar Galactica!


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