“NX-2000” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

After the immense beating she took, and the amazing loss of life her crew suffered, the Enterprise manages to limp home in victory. As she enters Space Dock, in front of her is the next evolution of modern technology… The Excelsior Class Star Ship of the same name. Dwarfing the Enterprise by nearly half, her sleek lines are clearly meant to indicate speed, though in space it really doesn’t matter. “Transwarp drive…” Scotty thinks to himself as she fills the Enterprise’s main viewer…. “…what a croc!”

Using the Green Screen photos of Steve Jurgens build (SEEN HERE), and using a few screen shots from Star Trek III and Star Trek VI I was able to recreate this well known scene. While doing so I noticed that photoshop technologies have come so far that the model I placed into the scene (The 1:1000 Excelsior) looks more natural than that of the Enterprise in that scene that was put in by ILM back in that time period. You can clearly see a matte line around the Enterprise in the shot. I thought about fixing it, but then thought that the more ‘untouched’ the original parts of the scene… the better it’s purity in spirit of the original artists.

To view this piece in it’s large size, please click directly on it…



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