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Multiple Updates from Joe Melvin

Joe’s All New Updates! Woohoo!

APL 350 TOS-119

Just click on each text LINK to view each update!!

Working on electronics for the Guardian Gate and the 1/6th Captain’s Chair.

New work on the Cylon Project….


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TWO Atomic City Studio Scale ORION Space Planes – Built by Steve Dymszo, Photographed by’s Karl Tate

I have been a long-time customer of Atomic City’s since the 1990s and love his kits! I assisted Scott a bit with this particular project last year and per our agreement, I received kits #1 and #2 in O...

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Collector ALERT!! 2001: A Space Odyssey – Quality PRINTS from Simon Atkinson Creative Arts

Collector ALERT!!


2001 A Space Odyssey
Quality PRINTS

There is now a unique opportunity to own a collection of high quality fine art prints featuring the iconic spacecraft featured in Stan...

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47 Inch (120cm) 2001:ASO Discovery PAPER Model by Daniel King

We welcome artist Daniel King to our Gallery of shown artists! These paper models are quite outstanding! Daniels build is a great piece indeed!

When I was 10 years old (42 yrs ago,) I first saw the ...

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Atomic City – 2001: ASO Studio Scale ORION Space Plane by Warren Zoell

Team up Warren Zoell with Atomic City Models… and this is what you get! FANTASTIC!!! I believe these Orion Kits are still for sale! Grab them while you can! Just CLICK HERE to be taken to the sales pa...

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OUT OF PRODUCTON!! 2001 ASO 1:6 EVA Pod Kit from Atomic City Models



2001: A Space Odyssey

1/6 EVA Pod Kit


Kit Producer: Atomic City Models podkit3

Kit Scale: 1/6

Kit Materials: Resin

Kit Price: $525 USD plus shipping


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2001: ASO 42 Inch! ORION Space Plane by Atomic City Model’s Scott Alexander

I cannot get enough of this Space Plane from 2001 ASO. Here is a quick build of the Atomic City Kit from the man who created and offers said kit… Scott Alexander!

“These are the first shots of the t...

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A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of visiting an old friend…. Scott Alexander (AKA Capt. Cardboard)...

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SOLD!! Fully Built 15 Inch Aries 1-B from Atomic City Models



2001: A Space Odyssey

15 Inch Aries 1-B

$1,600 USD

Plus Shipping

I am currently building a 15-inch Aries 1-B, using this build to complete the assembly guide for my kit...

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2001 ASO Weapon Satellites by Warren Zoell

Warren’s work always brings my imagination of Sci-Fi to fantastic levels! These Satellites were built from AJA Models Kits!!


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