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Studio Scale Battlestar – Completed by Charles Adams and Richard Lindstrom

Charles and Richard are definitely not lacking in expertise in building these behemoth filming models! Especially when it comes to the studio Battlestar’s! Check out this latest from them…


The stru...

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BSG TOS Shuttle by Charles Adams

Master artist Charles Adams is at his usual excellence!


As soon as the Galactica I’m building is crated and shipped to the client, I will be starting construction on a replica of the TOS shuttle...

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Building the Studio Scale Battlestar Galactica – WIP by Charles Adams & Richard Lindstrom

Who doesn’t know the names of Charles Adams and Richard Lindstrom?!! These two famed artists are currently working on their next build of the studio scale Battlestar with all the bells and whistles! T...

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Building a Studio Scale Battlstar with Charles Adams

Famed artist Charles Adams works speak for themselves. Pure Excellence! And now we get to see him building this fantastic studio scale Battlestar Galactica!



This is a complete body structure build f...

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C (299,792 km/s) – Starship Model on Film!! From Charles Adams & Crew

It’s out now!

You can watch it free of charge!

Filmed using an actual spaceship miniature instead of CG, “C” is the story of Lt...

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C — 299,792 Kilometers per Second – Short Film Studio Model by Rick Ingalsbe, Charles Adams and CREW

What can I say about these amazing artists and their genius works? How about…. WOW!!


Lots of new info and pics are now available regarding our spaceship for the short film “C — 299,792 Kilometers per...

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Beyond the Infinite – Model Completed & Shipped!!


The model was crated up and shipped out on 9/13. It arrived safely in
New York after more than two weeks on the road.

Considering the huge amount of time and effort that’s gone into this
project (3...

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9/13 UPDATE!! Beyond the Infinite – Short Film Studio Model Work by Charles Adams, Richard Lindstrom and Crew

Charles Adams, Richard Lindstrom and Crew continue to produce effective results with their amazing build for the short film… Beyond the Infinite!


It’s been a while since the last update...

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8/15 UPDATE!! Beyond the Infinite – Short Film Studio Model Work by Charles Adams, Rick Ingalsbe and Crew

The fantastic updates keep coming from this production model crew!! OUTSTANDING!!


Richard was here for another marathon building session starting

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UPDATE!! Beyond the Infinite – Short Film Studio Model Work by Charles Adams, Rick Ingalsbe and Crew


Artist Charles Adams, Rick Ingalsbe, Richard Lindstrom and crew are working hard to finish the amazing miniature from Beyond the Infinite!

Once again, this is a big update so the photos will be sent ...

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