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Atomic City’s 47 Inch!! 2001:ASO – ORION III by Adam K. Johnson

This is my 47″ (total length) Orion III from 2001: A Space odyssey. It is the model I finished a pattern for Scott Alexander. It is also cast by him...

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Doctor Who – 1979 Episode “City of Death” – Jagaroth Ship by Adam Johnson

Here’s my latest model…. It’s the Jagaroth ship from Doctor Who.

This unique spaceship was seen in the 1979 episode “City of Death” co-written by Douglas Adams...

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Y-Wings – Great Observed Information from Adam Johnson


There is a lot of confusion regarding the Y-wing fighters. The many photos that have been published do not clarify which is which...

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2001 ASO Weapon Satellites by Warren Zoell

Warren’s work always brings my imagination of Sci-Fi to fantastic levels! These Satellites were built from AJA Models Kits!!


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SOLD!! Thunderbirds are Go ZERO X Vehicle Patterns & Molds from AJA Models



Thunderbirds Are Go!


The pattern masters and molds for the AJAMODELS ZERO-X are up for sale.

The model is over 2 feet long and has been considered the most accurate model ever...

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1:24 Mad Max “Road Warrior” V8 Interceptor by Adam Johnson

“The last of the V8 Interceptors!” Any Mad Max fan will remember that line! This build by Adam Johnson of AJA Models is fantastic!

Here’s my latest build...

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B-25 Reference from Adam Johnson of AJA Models

The updated B-25 Bomber in the film “SuckerPunch” was fantastic and Adam Johnson wanted to share some of his drawings of it with our viewers! Thank you Adam!

I just created these drawings after close ...

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KIT ALERT!! 2001 ASO Titov V Spaceplane from AJA Models



2001: A Space Odyssey

Titov V Spaceplane

Kit Producer: AJA Models     Titov&SSV_70mm

Kit Scale: 13 Inches Long

Kit Price: $75 plus shipping

Shipping Amount: Actual

Shipping: World-Wide

Kit A...

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COMPLETED! AJA Models ARIES by 西坂 克也 (Katsuya Nishizaka)

Artist Katsuya Nishizaka – 西坂 克也 is back with his completed ARIES from 2001 ASO. This amazing build is highly detailed…...

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2001 ASO – Weapon Satellites by Warren Zoell

Warren Zoell has long been an artist producing many great pieces that feature a 2001 ASO theme, or of the actual models themselves...

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