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AT-ST Toy Conversion by Mirko Martinovic

Toy conversion specialist Mirko Martinovic returns with the Hasbro AT-ST! Once again…. nicely done.


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HASBRO AT-AT Conversion by Mirko Martinovic

Artist Mirko Martinovic is back with this fantastic re-paint of the Hasbro AT-AT!








Mirko Martinovic

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Hasbro Millennium Falcon by Mirko Martinovic

Artist Mirko Martinovic has become well known for his Hasbro Toy paint ups, making them look as if they could be filmed without having to modify their shapes! This is another fine example of that work...

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Hasbro Escape Pod Toy Conversion by Mirko Martinovic

Toy conversion artist Mirko Martinovic returns to show us the simplicity of the Escape Pod look to be more studio like!


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AOTC Republic Gunship – Hasbro Toy Conversion by Mirko Martinovic

Hasbro conversion artist Mirko Martinov has returned with another fantastic repaint… the Republic Gunship from Attack of the Clones and The Clone Wars! This goes to show everyone that today’s toys are...

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Toy Conversion: Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier Vehicle by Mirko Martinovic

I love watching artists convert these new, fantastic and accurate toys these days! Artist Mirko Martinovic has made quite a business out of it in making these toys fantastic displays for any collectio...

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Landspeeder – TOY Conversion by Mirko Martinovic

Artist Mirko Martinovic begins our new year’s displays with this wonderful Hasbro toy conversion! I know I have stated this before, but these toys are top notch these days and great paint jobs really ...

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“Forgotten AT-AT” Diorama TOY Coversion by Mirko Martinovic

Toy conversions to fantastic displays is one of this art forms greatest pleasures for those looking for moderate accuracy on a budget! I have several toy conversions myself for pieces that simply are ...

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