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10 Inch APC by E. James Small

Famed artist E. James Small is back with this magnificent Halcyon APC kit build… and some amazing photography!

The APC is done...

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Scratch Built APC PHOTOS by Mike Niejalke

The amazing production video of this creation shown HERE, professional artist from Down Under…...

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Scratch & Bash ALIENS APC by Mike Niejalke

I have been wanting to show this artists works for some time now. He has been buried in a Studio Scale Battlestar Galactica scratch build for years and now is nearly done with it...

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Battle Damaged Colonial Marines APC by Christopher Hall

This fantastic piece was built to resemble the APC at the end of the movie ALIENS. I really like what artist Chris Hall did here...

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Dropship & APC built by Ian Lawrence

Professional Modeler Ian Lawrence…....

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