“Death of RED Leader” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

After nearly succeeding in his trench run to destroy the Death Star, Red Leader fights to keep his fighter from crashing into the massive space station below. Destiny hits as Darth Vader strikes Red Leader’s top starboard engine leaving him without power to continue flying. With a heroic scream, Red Leader meets his fate.

Again using the blue screen photos of master artist Lasse Henning build of this X-1 for the collection, and an actual screen capture from The Final Battle in A New Hope, I was able to re-create this scene. The Red Leader is the real studio model in the composite while the Vader TIE is Mr. Henning’s masterful build!

To view this piece in it’s full resolution, please just click on the piece below…


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The Blue Screen Photos were taken with a Canon REBEL XTi by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global Inc. utilizing the industry filming blue screen back drop sold by eefx.com.

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