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Jakks BatMan by Paul Anthony Craggs

This one is the Jakks big figure BatMan! It was a quick job while I wait for the other builds to dry that I am working on.

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Dae Choi’s MOEBIUS Batmobile TUMBLER

This is a Moebius Batmobile Tumbler I built a few month ago. I used neon paint to light up interior screen panels..


Dae Choi

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1966 BATCAVE by Dae Choi

Just completed a scratch build of 1966 Batman Batcave. It’s on a rotating base and has a small Keaton Batcave in one side. The Batmobile rotates slowly …kinda cool.
Thought I’d share it with everyone.

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1:25 Polar Lights 1966 Batmobile by NMH Customs

I just finished the Polar Lights and I thought would show it. I put a lot of thought into it before each step….and the engineering of the rocket tubes and antenna was complex…...

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Polar Lights 1966 Batmobile “Snap Kit” Review by Joe Melvin

More kit review from artist Joseph Melvin… this time the Polar Lights classic Batmobile from the 1966 TV Series.

Joseph Melvin

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BATWING by Anthony Santos

Great work by Anthony Santos…. the Batwing!


Anthony Santos

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Ivar Kangur Creative Dioramas – Batmobile Winterscape

This diorama was inspired by the night scenes of the Batmobile stealing through snow-covered streets in Batman Returns (Tim Burton, 1989)...

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Dae Choi’s MOEBIUS Batman vs. Superman… The Batmobile

I must admit… I am really loving this new Batmobile design. Nicely done by Dae with his additional lighting added,… as well as Moebius for making it!

DSC03438 (2)

DSC03443 (2)

DSC03456 (2)

DSC03459 (2)

DSC03463 (2)

Dae Choi

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Moebius BATMAN vs SUPERMAN Batmobile by Mark Myers

What a fantastic design! I hope the film is just as fantastic! Great job!


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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! Life Size Busts – Bane & Joker by Richard Woods of Wolfs Workshop

ALL NEW Sculptures Available Soon!
Please CONTACT for Information!

Wolfs Workshop

Richard Woods




Life Size “Bane” Bust

£725 as of 1/1/2016


Life Size “Joker”...

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