USS EURISKO – A PC Case Mod (WIP) by Sander van der Velden

Because this has much to do with sculpture and creativity, I simply had to show this man’s work. This armored Voyager type model is no model at all…. but instead a liquid cooled PC Case! Artist Sander van der Velden (aka ASPHIAX) really snagged my attention with this case mod that is currently third a competition that is considered one of the best in the world….. from Coolermaster.

Here is what Sander has to say of this WIP PC Case…

I would like to contribute my work for the last 5 months. It might not be completely what you are used to but I would like to show you what I have been up to.

Its Called the USS EURISKO – Intrepid mark II class and she’s 1,54 meters long, 61 cm wide and 34 cm high. And its a high-end PC! A water cooled PC actually. Its made of XPS foam, epoxy/glassfiber coating, depron and epoxy clay. It will feature electro motors to move the warp nacelles up and down (controlled via IR remote from a Comm. badge or Tricorder), IR controlled LED strips with red lasers (replicating the charge and discharge of the phaser banks), LED lit water reservoirs as the warp nacelles, green IR controlled laser in the main deflector and much more. And its a PC!! I have put in over 300 hours all ready but I think it will take another 150 to complete and get it to the finish I’d like.

I have included some pictures to show you how far I have come so far.
I am hosting several build logs on IT related websites and competing with it in the 2011 Coolermaster Casemod Contest (sort of world championship pc building , lol) and I am currently running third!

Here are several links to more information !

Best regards,

Sander van der Velden


Please enjoy the video and photos below…









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