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FANTASTIC CG BATTLESTAR Battle Sequence – The Battle at Helios 6

This short film is fantastic! Sent to me by the designer of the Ron Moore Battlestar Galactica, artist Eric Chu, this has to be one of my favorite fan made sequences! I recognize some of the ...

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Battlestar HYADES – CG Build WIP by tan.j

tan.j ….. a pseudonym name that has become synonymous with the new style Battlestar’s! Here again is a new design by him… that is completely fantastic! Very nice indeed!

To contact artist tan...

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Battlestar HESPERIDES – CG Build by tan.j

Artist tan...

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Battlestar PACIFICA – CG Build and Videos by tan.j

I have the extreme honor of introducing the amazing works of Japanese artist tan.j to this Gallery. As you may have noticed, he goes by his pseudonym name as several artists do...

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