KIT ALERT!! NEW from SciFi Studio Scale Modellers – 3D-Printed Studio Scale Imperial “Model T” KIT! This Shown Build-Up is by Marcel Leuthold!


Presents a NEW KIT..

Along with photos of a completed build of the KIT by artist

3D Printed Studio Scale

Imperial “Model-T” Fighter Kit!

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$600 USD

Plus Shipping

(Metal Tube, Decals, and Pilot Figure are not included. They were a pre-order special, and now may be ordered separately)

Kit Scale: Studio Scale at 1/24

Kit Materials: 3D-Printed Resin

Number of Pieces: 11

Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location

Shipping: World-Wide

Kit Availability: NOW. 3D-Printed by Order

Payment Methods Accepted: PAYPAL ONLY
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Kit Description: The digital model used to make this physical Model T kit was created by artist Izan Ramos from the ground up. We used photos of the original studio models that ILM created for the films in which this design appears. We also utilized the eFX TIE Fighter as an example for the shape, measurements, form and markings.

Our goal was to offer studio scale kits that are easy to build and do not require major sanding before assembly. Our kits should therefore also be suitable for beginner modelers, and therefore just “easy to build”. To this end, we have also paid special attention to the number of components. We have minimized this as far as it was reasonable. In addition, it is of course especially important to us that the kits correspond as closely as possible to the original studio models from 1977. To meet all these requirements, the only option for us was to offer the kits in the form of 3D printed parts. This way we can guarantee an exceedingly high and consistent precision of our kits. We have partners for 3D printing who currently produce the kits for us on the most modern 3D SLA systems (Stereolithography). The kits are delivered pre-primed, which also simplifies painting at this point.

The research for the 3D construction of the original studio model turned out to be quite easy, as there is a lot of image material of original models for this model on the internet and in books. One of the biggest challenges in the construction of the “Model T” 3D model was to get an accurate representation of the “KOOLSHADE” surface of the wings in the 3D print. In addition, this “KOOLSHADE” structure also had to be 3D printable – especially because of the large wing surfaces.

We also wanted the mounting of our model to be as close as possible to the original metal armature, so we found a solution made of solid aluminum that is like the original mounting armature which gives the model additional stability, and is also quite easy to assemble. Thus, we can offer a unique 1/24 (Studio Scale) “Model T” kit, which corresponds to the original studio models, that is easy to build.

SciFi Studio Scale Modellers

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—Below are completed build photos, with commentary of the kit by artist Marcel Leuthold—

I have completed my personal studio scale Imperial Fighter that I built from the Scifi Studio Scale Modellers “Model T” Kit. This model is 1/24 and is fully 3D Printed. SciFi Studio Scale Modellers spent a lot of time developing the 3D Model in order to make it the best possible replica kit. It is accurate to the original filming miniatures, and SciFi Studio Scale Modellers created a near perfect solution to simulate the Koolshade used for the wings in 1977.

The Model is Painted with Archive X “ILM Stormy Sea”, with the Solar Panels painted with “Citadel Chaos Black”, along with the small parts and cockpit using some different RAL colors. The lighting is powered with a small CR2032 Battery. The total weight of the Model is 3KG (without the rods).

Marcel Leuthold


STAY TUNED! Next week Modeler Magic shall show one of SciFi Studio Scale Modellers FIRST PROTOTYPE Builds of their Studio Scale “Model T” Kit by MAXX REPLICAS!








Izan Ramos

Digital Artist



United Kingdom




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