“Intractible” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Just a little less than half the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer, the newest Imperial Cutter “INTRACTIBLE” goes into action for her first space trails. Built as a major offensive weapon, the Intractible houses major jamming components, in that when she jumps into a hostile system, moments before the other attacking Imperial Forces, she is able to literally jam all electronic signals… not only communication, but navigation as well…. temporarily ceasing productive function aboard any vessel within range of her highly radio-active transmitting dishes and panels! Needless to say, leaving any opposing force quite helpless for crucial moments in the start of a battle.

Using the photos taken by R.L. Bleecker from his amazing 27 inch master build, and using a screen capture from The Empire Strikes Back, I was able to create this scene.

To view this piece in it’s original large size, please click on it…


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