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Vulcan “Type” Shuttle and Sled by Thomas Militello

Here is another Star Trek build by artist Thomas Militello! We rarely get to show the Vulcan Shuttle and Sled...

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Wrath of Khan USS RELIANT by Thomas Militello

I have never seen any artist do the RELIANT in it’s damaged form before today! I love this! We can see the beauty of the RELIANT as she was before Khan took her over…...

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1:350 Enterprise NX-01 by Thomas Militello

One of the things I like about artist Tom Militello’s works is that he has his own style and techniques of painting his models...

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USS EXETER Refit Shuttle and Cargo Bay Diorama by Thomas Militello

Thomas Militello has returned with this unique diorama display of the USS EXETER Refit’s secondary hull as a cut-a-way! The detail is fantastic! Nicely done!

To contact artist Thomas Militell...

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Studio Scale Enterprise 1701 REFIT Bridge by Thomas Militello

I have the great honor of showing another artists work on this Gallery site…. Mr...

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