Studio Scale Enterprise 1701 REFIT Bridge by Thomas Militello

I have the great honor of showing another artists work on this Gallery site…. Mr. Thomas Militello! Today showing his fantastic build of the TIMESLIP CREATIONS Star Trek TMP Studio Scale Enterprise Refit Bridge Kit, not only does Thomas show us his fantastic skill set, but he also shows us how fantastic the TimeSlip Creations kit is! His beautiful use of iridescent and fluorescent paints is remarkable and truly makes this piece as beautiful as it should be. A true work of art! Nicely done!

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This is what artist Thomas Militello has to say of this fantastic build…

I purchased the kit at 2011 Wonderfest and I have finished my build and thought you would like a look.  For the display I used a picture frame, on which I gathered some images of the interior layout, and added Enterprise 1701-A materials to it, making a collage. Then I put the kit on top of it for display. I did the windows in florescent paint.


Hope you like it.


Tom from Louisville KY








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