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Millennium Falcon by Jihwan Kim ( 김지환 ) of Robot Sapiens

Korean Artist Jihwan Kim ( 김지환 ) returns with this beautiful build of the MF! I love his paint job on this piece!


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ALIEN Tower by Robot Sapiens – Jihwan Kim ( 김지환 )

Robot Sapiens has done it again! This fantastic vision gives even ME the creeps with the Alien Queen coddling her children! Seriously… this is awesome!


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The Robot King – Diorama by Robot Sapiens – Jihwan Kim ( 김지환 )

Artist Jihwan Kim has done it again with this magnificent diorama! The Robot King! I love this piece!

Here’s another Diorama is based on the Korean cartoon “Robot King” original story...

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1:35 Dampflokomotive BR86 with Flakvierling 38 – Scratch Build by ROBOT SAPIENS’ – 김지환 Jihwan Kim

김지환 Jihwan Kim of ROBOT SAPIENS has come forward once again with his great talents! This complete scratch build it quite impressive and reminds me of the types of creative builds that helped forward t...

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1:6 Toys McCoy S.A.F.S by ROBOT SAPIENS – Jihwan Kim ( 김지환 )

I have the great pleasure of introducing Korean artist Jihwan Kim – 김지환 to this Gallery Site! His first works shown here today are absolutely beautiful and we look forward to showing even more here in...

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