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1:24 A-Wing by Richard Long

Built from the beautiful MONKEY WORKS Kit, master modeler Richard Long (of Sovereign Replicas) again shows his top notch skills in this build! The pilot is outstanding itself not to mention the...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:24 Jedi Starfighter mastered by Barry Murray


This kit has been one of the most eagerly awaited kits for quite some time...

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1:24 A-Wing by Ian Lawrence

Here is another beautiful build by professional modeler Ian Lawrence! This build was done from the MONKEY WORKS kit and looks fantastic! Ian’s usual excellence shows all over this build! Anothe...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!!! Studio Scale TIE Fighter KIT by Cory Harvey (MensaBoy)

Completely scratch mastered, then molded to be offered as a kit, professional modeler Cory Harvey has again outdone himself! This piece is built to replicate the original filming studio model ...

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1:24 A-Wing built by Richard Long

Built from the MONKEY WORKS Kit, this fantastic A-Wing was professionally built by Richard Long (of Sovereign Replicas) for the well known collection of Thomas Fan...

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1:24 A-Wing built by Tobias Richter

Built from the Alfred Wong mastered kit that is now offered through Monkey Works, professional modeler Tobias Richter again shows his great skills in this hobby!

Here is what Tobias had to say…

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