Upcoming KIT PROGRESS!! 41 Inch ROTJ Blockade Runner from Chris Kelley

I must admit to being extremely excited about this upcoming kit. We have seen some beautiful kits of the A New Hope Runner in different scales. This kit the Chris Kelly is mastering is a massive 41 inches in length! As stated in the title it will be based off of the Runner we viewing in Return of the Jedi. It had different guns and a different paint scheme than that of the A New Hope version! “Exciting” is the word of the year!

To contact the KIT PRODUCER direct, please click the CONTACT KIT PRODUCER link below.


TantiveIV 086

TantiveIV 084

TantiveIV 079

TantiveIV 066

model pics 060

model pics 058

model pics 045

model pics 041

model pics 037

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