REVELL: Star Trek – Into Darkness ENTERPRISE

Star Trek Into Darkness

Tops the movie charts!

Revell has the model from the movie!


Captain Kirk and his crew have started on a new adventure with great success. Paramount Pictures Germany reported about 450,000 visitors by the end of the first week. This puts “Star Trek Into Darkness” right at the top of the German film charts. Our model of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 scale 1:500, which is central to the film, landed on the shelves of the shops to coincide with the film launch. This model, which is also suitable for beginners, has an impressive length of 58.8 cm, consists of 91 parts and was designed using the latest CAD technology.

The result is therefore detailed and true to the original, although naturally we did not have access to an original size model to work from for this project. To make it even more difficult, at the time of our researches there was no published material available. Fortunately, instead of that, CBS provided us with top secret CAD data on the new Enterprise and the first video sequences of the film.

This new model kit, which was completely redeveloped at great expense, has been met with enthusiasm for its separate navigation bridge and two-piece saucer section. Particularly detailed are the multi-part deflector with sensor and the warp gondolas with separate pylons. On its display stand, which is included, the model is an eyecatcher on the shelves of all Star Trek fans.

The current Enterprise model is a continuation of our successful series of Star Trek models which, with the Enterprise from the original series, the enemy Klingon Battle Cruiser and the U.S.S. Voyager, includes three other space ships.

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