LEGO 51 Inch VIPER Lauch Tube by Garry King

This is the coolest Lego build EVER! We have seen mega vessels and even characters built from Lego’s before now, but THIS? Ship interior’s!!  OUTSTANDING!!! Garry…. you are amazing!

004 launch tube

As a BIG thank you to Stephan Schumann for allowing me to build his LDD of the MII Colonial Viper. I have created this rather large section of a launch tube rather than a launch rail like I built before for my Ralph McQuarrie Concept Viper.

So this Launch Tube has been scaled to the Viper which is currently waiting for all the elements that are on order.

I have built the Viper from all of my elements that I already have.


The Dimentions are as follows

1300mm long X 640mm wide and 440 mm high

51.57 inches long X 25.19 inches wide X 17.32 inches high

And very heavy.


For the marvels of added effects I used a string of outside LED garden lights in all of the illuminated areas. When I first placed another brand I had laying around I was not happy with the results so I used a much brighter set of lights and without the added fun of lengthy exposures the outcome that you see would not have been so fantastic. I did a test shooting a week ago and was thrilled with the results and sent them to someone who would appreciate the images and as an extra ego trip he thought the images were of a image from the movie. Then at that time I knew I had a winner. “ Thanks Bart”

The views are only shown from the opening for now. Other views will be taken after the viper has been completed so it will more of a surprise for all to see including me.


Thank you for looking .




010 launch tube

009 launch tube

008 launch tube

007 launch tube

006 launch tube

005 launch tube

002 launch tube

001 launch tube

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