HO Scale Hogwarts Castle by Clayton Holland

I again have the great honor of introducing another fantastic artist to this Gallery… Mr. Clayton Graham Holland! I was on the phone just a few days ago, and was speaking about Miniature Castles, when my friend alerted me to this artists work! HOGWARTS CASTLE! In all it’s glory… this piece is outstanding!  There is much I can positively say about this of my own opinions, but Clayton can much better tell it’s story…

The model will be on display as part of an enormous “modular” model railroad at the MD State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD February 5-6 as part of the Great Scale Model Train Show https://www.gsmts.com/ I have attached a bunch of photos from the only other show in which this model has been displayed.

Someone also shot a couple brief videos of it and posted them on YouTube:

I should mention that my model is scratch built primarily of balsa and poplar dowels. The main cylindrical tower is a 4” piece of PVC pipe with a standard collar fitting.

I made a single wood master of some features (dormer windows, courtyard wall panels…) and reproduced with RTV molds and casting resin (these appear white prior to painting – below.) I achieved a nice texture on the buildings by making a large RTV “stamp” from a sheet of stone texture styrene and used a scrapbookers solution of embossing ink and powder. It gave me a very nice stone wall texture.

The mountain is 5 layers of 2” housing insulation foam covered in a tough plaster-like material and rock castings. The lake is plywood with a little latex caulk, latex paint and a heavy layer of artist’s gloss gel applied with a coarse sponge.

Thank you,

Clayton Holland















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