SOLD!! From SAINTON DESIGN – STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back – Studio Scale – Luke’s Snowspeeder & Wedge’s Snowspeeder




Luke Skywalker’s (Rogue Leader) T-47 Snowspeeder

Wedge Antilles (Rogue 3) t-47 Snowspeeder

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Seller)

£1500 Each

Plus Shipping

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For sale are two studio scale T-47 Rebel Snowspeeder replicas. These models are a V2.0 of the kit patterns I originally created when I made the first studio scale kit of the Snowspeeder several years ago. I’ve re-made a number of components including the canopy and airbrake mechanism as I wanted to re-visit this ship and make improvements and add a couple more original donor parts. These two models also better reflect the differences in engine detailing between Luke’s ship and Wedge’s/Rogue squadron.
The items for sale are studio scale replicas matching the most commonly used size of filming model used by ILM on The Empire Strikes back and have a wing span of aprox 18”. As such they are larger than the Master Replicas version. The goal with these replicas was to go beyond just a straight studio scale copy and create a synthesis of the various ILM filming models and the live action sets to create miniatures that primarily work effective display pieces. In line with this approach the models are glazed. Whilst it is well known that glazing was not adopted during final filming of the Snowspeeders due to problems with bluescreen photography, images from ‘Star Wars Chronicles Episode IV, V AND VI – Vehicles’ do show early tests photos of a Snowspeeder indicating they experimented with glazed windows.


· Models are painted using predominately Archive-X paints ensuring accurate ILM colours.

· Ships present paint and weathering schemes based on specific studio miniatures.

· Completely re-designed and re-patterned upper airbrake mechanisms to better replicate the original movement.

· Upper airbrakes are fitted with small neodymium magnets which allow them to be posed in semi-deployed and fully deployed positions.

· Lower airbrakes are fitted with neodymium magnets which work on a constant friction basis which means they can be set in any position as desired.

· Posable harpoon gun.

· Cockpits are lit with fibre optics run from an on-board 9v battery. (battery not inc to avoid any shipping restriction issues)

· Cockpits have added details including pilot flight harnesses.

· Pilot figures present accurate flight helmet paint schemes matching Luke Skywalker & Dak Ralter in Rogue Leader and Wedge Antilles and Wes Jansen in Rogue 3.

· Ships are mounted on custom made wooden bases 51 cm x 57 cm with acrylic mirrors. Ships can be easily removed from their display stand if desired.

· Models come with direct to aluminium printed plaques which can be placed around the display base as desired.

· Models will ship in custom made cartons with robust packaging and full instructions for display.

Price for Rogue leader – £1500 + shipping

Price for Rogue 3 – £1500 + shipping

Can be sold individually or as a pair. First come first served. More images available to interested parties. Contact

Nick Sainton-Clark

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Nick Sainton-Clark




United Kingdom



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