SOLD! 1:350 Klingon Bird of Prey Professional Build by Richard Long


Here is another great opportunity to own a build from famed artist Richard Long!! A beautiful, yet menacing looking Klingon Bird of Prey. Fully lit and painted to be like Cmdr Krug’s BOP from Star Trek III, this piece will not last long at this extremely low price! I can verify now that it’s value is much higher than the asking price. This is a great deal! As a matter of fact, if I didn’t have two in the collection already, you wouldn’t even be seeing this piece now. Somebody is going to get VERY lucky today!

Good luck to all those collectors out there!

For sale 1/350 scale Round2 Bird of Prey. I super detailed the existing kit adding more surface detailing, including greebles on the bridge and extra strips of fine styrene on the wings and body, with a few added kit bash parts throughout. Lit with fiber optics and warm white LED’s to replicate the studio look. Comes with a base, power supply, and stand with black plexiglass top. Price includes shipping in the US.

International shipping will be actual charge of shipping, you won’t be charged for box and packing material.

Would make an excellent companion display with a 1/350 scale Polar Lights refit to recreate the scene in Star Trek III.


(guns not permanently attached for shipping reasons)

Richard Long

To contact artist Richard Long direct regarding this piece, please click the banner link below…


Here are a few photos of this fantastic piece!





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