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1:35 Heavy Combat Walker GUNTHER by Kostas Kosmidis

From the popular Warhammer comes artist Kostas Kosmidis’s fantastic build of the Gunther… a heavy combat walker! The details and finish on this piece are outstanding… as is usual for Kostas’s...

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12 Foot! WarHammer Role Playing Game Diorama by South American Models

The Martinez Family and South American models is back with this amazing diorama display that is a an actual role playing game arena for WarHammer! The detail in this is incredible as is the lighting! ...

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WARHAMMER 40K Set 1 “In Progress” by Jas Hodge

Once again this fantastic CG artist has come forward with our first showing of any WARHAMMER pieces! These amazing Tanks, and the Gunner is top notch… just as we have come to know of this artist’s wor...

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