Back to the Future III Diorama and DeLorean by Jeff Pollizzotto

Jeff Pollizzotto’s works are well becoming very known with every new piece he displays. Each is outstanding in finish and presentation! Today is this fantastic Diorama scene from Back to the Future III… along with another build of the famous flying and time traveling DeLorean! I love this artist’s work!

Here is what Jeff has to say of these wonderful builds…

This was my first large scale diorama and ever since the movie, I had wanted to built this! When I saw the AMT kit of the “General” engine in the hobby store I knew I had to go ahead with the build. I already had the DeLorean kits on my shelf and I was away. The engine was first modified to look like the one in the film (not 100% but close) and the DeLorean was also worked on to make the kit more accurate. The molded in wires were ground off and real wires were added on the body as well as the interior.


As I didn’t want to build multiple versions of the DeLorean, I took one body, modified it, finished it and then built each of the various chassis parts which then could be snapped on or off  to make up the various “incarnations” of the DeLorean as seen in the film.


I also made up the “Flying” display to show off the future Delorean with the flying conversion in the air.




Jeff Pollizzotto

JP Modelworks


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