AMT Enterprise Bridge by Mike Makkreel

This AMT Bridge model is one for the ages. I remember building my own so long ago now. This build by Mike Makkreel is fantastic! The detail and lighting, not to mention all the working miniature screens is amazing! I feel like there should be tiny actors walking around inside of it! LOL. Anyone who has built this kit knows just how small it actually is, thus making that detail extremely difficult to manage. Great work!


Hello all! I just wanted to share my AMT build with you. I have taken video in the dark so you can see the lights.

Breakdown: Two years to build it 2011 to 2013 ( completed Jan 12th/ 2014

9 volt D/C..on three power sources ( switched)
4 Chaser Board units ( Switched )
Five Sound bite chips, containing – 12 sound bites
Main Theme, effects ( push buttons )

Two built in speakers under the floor
Lite lower screens ( In two versions of light theme) 1 & 2nd seasons
Two MP3 1/8 plug in speakers, for Bigger sound
One Voltage Regulator for LCD Screens – 5 .5 volt
SIX – 1.5 LCD SCREENS 5.5 volt ( powered by voltage Reg Switched
FOUR – 1.8 LCD SCREENS 5.5 Volt ( powered by voltage Reg) Switched
One – 3″ Main View Screen 28 photo scrolling ( Switched)
150 LED’s ( 2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, Led Tape
Fibre Optics 20 feet
Kirk Chair Fibre
View screen panels Fibre
Red Alert Light Switched, with sound effect, ( Led’s kirks chair, walls, navigation station)
Custom walls. floor, steps, door entrance, manual moving doors
Ruff floor, gite
Back lit plates, ( custom front mounted) ( Outer space outfitters )
(Upgrade Walls, View screen, View screen walls, Burke Chairs, ( Don’s light and Magic )
Turbo Lift ( lite ) Custom
Custom balsa wood cover ( with windows to view LCD electronic’s ( Switched )
AMT Men, as well as custom painted Trek Figures 1:32 scale.
Lexan case ( JR’s Custom Acrylics )

Switch box controller cube ( control all lights, LCD, main Power, sound chips )

Mike Makkreel



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Mike Makkreel

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