1:350 Enterprise for the Curtis Hughes Collection by SPACECRAFT CREATION MODELS

Artist Steve Carricato once again brings us a build he did for the Curtis Hughes Collection…. nicely done!


I finished another commission build of The TOS enterprise for Curtis Hughes. I used the Polar lights lighting kit, which was not as easy at it seemed. I had to solder all of the LED light strips to insure they would make contact. The kit comes with siding pins to make contact for the LED strips, put they fail and come apart once they are glued in. It was very frustrating thinking the lights were ready to be installed in the model, so I ended up taking some of the model apart once I had it together. However, it came out just fine once I modified the lighting system. Price for a commission build of the TOS 1:350 Enterprise Like this one $1200.00 USD and $49.95 SH Please Contact SPACECRAFT CREATION MODELS Steve Carricato Carrisj63@q.com or carrisj63@gmail.com I also can weather or custom build.

DY-100b DSV 079


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Steve Carricato


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