UPDATE #3! 1:650 USS YAMATO – a Grumeretz WIP for the Modeler Magic Collection

Progress continues from the shop of Dan Grumeretz on this behemoth 1:650 Galaxy Class USS Yamato!  With all lighting nearly complete, and fitment of the massive fiberglass shell perfected, this beast is coming to life! Dan found the perfect material to replicate the sensor strip that surrounds the diameter of the saucer section. This was an important feature for me.. and he came through. It is difficult to show how large this actually is. There is a shot of Dan holding the actual Nacelle which may give a small clue to it’s mass, but it will take standing next to it in order for everyone to truly appreciate it’s size. It is one third larger than the fantastic QMX model (SEEN HERE), yet one third smaller than the six foot model build being shown over on the Replica Prop Forum (SEEN HERE). This seems to be that size that is quite manageable, yet perfect for an impressive display. Dan is doing fantastic work!




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Dan Grumeretz


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