Pip-Boy 3000 Replica by Thomas “Kirk” Kirkland of Collapse Industries

Artist Kirk Kirkland has returned with this magnificent replica prop from Fallout of the Pip-Boy 3000! Very nicely done!

It’s been a while since I have gotten a movie/ prop like build finished, but this one just got done. It was a commission for a collector friend of mine who wanted a special Fallout related gift for someone in their family. So after hearing this I found a pip-boy replica on the Replica Prop Forum and started work. This was a fun little build and I believe it came out quite nicely.  It was painted in Tamiya lacquers and finished in oils.

Since I graduated I have been working full time doing casting and starting my website taking a break before I go to grad school. I am not on my own doing freelance casting, so If you hear of anyone needing some small or large batch casting I would be more than happy to provide samples. Hopefully I will have my own line of kits on my site within the next year. Also the site soon will have a retail section for Ma.k kits on it after the roll out in Kentucky at Wonderfest. Please check it out its www.collapseindustries.com … Its in its infancy right now, but it should have more coming soon and we also have a facebook under the same name.


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