KIT ALERT!! Battlestar Pegasus Kit Lighting from Evans Model Lighting



Battlestar Pegasus

Kit Lighting

Kit Producer: Evans Model Lighting Pegasus1 (6)

Kit Scale: Made for the Moebius Kit

Kit Materials:
4.5 ‘ flexible LED lighting strip
10- blue pre-wired LED’s
4- 3 mm white pre-wired LED’s
4- 5 mm white pre-wired LED’s
1- K and S hollow rod
1′ heat shrink
2′ wires
1’ battery clip
2- 5 mm proprietary back-lighting pre-wired LED’s for the Pegasus name plate
4- 3 mm red pre-wired LED’s
Instruction sent via email

Kit Price: $149 Shipped within the U.S.A.

Shipping Amount: Included in U.S.A. / Add $25 for International Shipping

Shipping: World-Wide

Kit Availability: Now

Payment Methods Accepted: PayPal

Kit Description: This lighting kit allows you to light the model and customize it to be as close to the CG model as possible. All LED’s are pre-wired and the only soldering is from wire to wire, and wire to LED strips. The kit has an LED strip, LED’s, battery clip, wires, heat shrink, K and S rod, Pegasus name back-lighting LED’s and extra LED’s for customizations.

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Pegasus1 (10)



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“Offering reasonable lighting solutions for modelers!”

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Justin Evans


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