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Jupiter 2 Composite Works from Kenn Wingle

These are some of the older J-2 FX using the Polar Lights model from my collection. I plan on making a whole new series of High Definition images using the New Moebius J-2 model as well.
Kenn Wingle

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Moebius LIS 18 Inch J2 by Dae Choi

Built by artist Dae Choi… the base is scratch built using wood and brass.

DSC02079 (2)

IMG_2569 (2)

IMG_2571 (2)

IMG_2412 (2)

IMG_2410 (2)

DSC02043 (2)

DSC02029 (2)

DSC02027 (2)

DSC02058 (2)

Dae Choi

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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1:32 Jupiter 2 by Mike Wolf

This is the Moebius Models 1:32 18″ Jupiter 2.  I used Moebius Models lighting kit and some Paragrafix photoetch detail parts.  I photoshopped some nice interior shots that look fairly realistic.


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Jupiter 2 Launch Sequence – Build and Video by The Third Models… Mark Myers

I must say…. these are very cool! Especially the end! I felt like I was on the ship. LOL. Great job by Mark Myers!

I have short films I made using my custom Moebius 1/35 first season Jupiter 2...

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1998 Jupiter II from Lost in Space by Warren Zoell

Once again…. this is a design I rather loved, albeit different from the original in it’s radical shape...

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KIT ALERT!! LIS B9 2.0 Life Force Unit – Plug N Play Kit from Starling Technologies



B9 2.0 Life Force Unit – Plug N Play

Kit Producer: Starling Technologies™

Kit Scale: Made for 1/6 Moebius B9 Robot

Kit Materials: Electronic Lights, Plastic

Number of Pieces: 1...

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Lost in Space Jupiter II by Hank Tintoni

This is a beautiful build by artist Hank Tintoni…...

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SOLD! Lost in Space ‘1998 Film’ J2 by Jeff Gaskin

More Builds Available Upon Request!

Unique Model Creations


Lost In Space ‘1998 Film’

Jupiter 2

$300 USD

Plus Shipping


“From Unique Model Creations by Jeff Gaski...

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Lost in Space B-9 Robot Commission Build by Steve Carricato

Artist Steve Carricato does beautiful work for the Schubert Nanjin Tam Collection!

I just finished another commission build for Schubert Nanjin Tam Collection...

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1:25 Moebius LIS Chariot from The Third Models’ Mark Myers

Once again artist Mark Myers of  The Third Models comes forward with a fantastic build!

Continuing my love of Lost in Space/Irwin Allen subjects, Here is my Moebius 1/25 Chariot build.
This Model ...

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