50cm (Almost 20 Inch) Rebel Medical Frigate by Paul Nyul

Down Under artist Paul Nyul again comes forward with another fantastic piece. This was built from parts that he had 3D printed! After about 20 hours of clean up still needed on the printed parts, Paul built this amazing piece that adorns his fantastic Star Wars collection! I love it!


Here’s my Rebel Medical Frigate just finished – been waiting for this ship for so long, & waiting for someone to bring out a large resin kit – the most elegant yet complex design in the Star Wars universe.

Finally found someone who 3D printed this. Although it is printed, it needed a lot of work…..about 20 hours has been put into it to make it more accurate, lighting & paint & weathering.

I avoided optic fibre with this as I wanted to create the same lighting effect as the ILM frigate.

It’s approx. 50cm long .





Paul Nyul

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