KORBANTH 38 Inch SSD Renovation by Arnaud Selesneff

We welcome back artist Arnaud Selesneff  by showing his great build of the Korbath kit.

“I have just finished a Super Star Destroyer from Korbanth.  It’s a kit that I got that was already assembled and painted. I undertook a complete renovation, dismantling the kit, stripping the old paint job. Some figures for its realization I drilled about 700 holes of 0.5 mm for the passage of 150 meters of fiber optics for the light up I used 3 meter LED tape. I also made a bracket that has 3 switches that allow light to be the symbol of the empire of the base or engines or general lighting of the ship.
Thank you for reading me.”




Arnaud Selesneff “DJSLY”




Randy Johnson



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