18 inch Jupiter 2 “IN PROGRESS” By Randy Neubert of VooDooFX

I saw this and my jaw dropped wide open! The realism is fantastic… and the lighting is incredible! From the small switchboards to the rotating lights on the bottom of the saucer (see film clip below) professional modeler Randy Neubert of VooDooFX has outdone himself yet again! Made from the amazing MOEBIUS Models kit, and with the assistance of another professional of electronics for these wonderful models…. James Roberts Jr., Mr. Neubert and VooDooFX will be able to brag about this piece and lighting kit for years to come.

J2 Finis2009po (25)


You may reach Randy Neubert direct… and you can purchase a light kit through VooDooFX by clicking the banner below:


To purchase this kit, please click on the MOEBIUS banner below…


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