1:24 B-Wing built by Teejay Lasher

This incredible build was done from the fantastic, and HUGE Robert Burns kit that was mastered by the well known artist Alfred Wong, and then cast and built by Teejay Lasher. This piece is simply put… beautiful! Master artist Teejay Lasher spared nothing in making this piece as close to the original filming model as possible! Another beautiful creation from professional modeler Teejay Lasher!


To contact Teejay Lasher direct, please click on his name anywhere on this page.

To PURCHASE this HUGE 1:24 kit from Robert Burns‘s, please click here… ROBERT BURNS

To contact Alfred Wong direct regarding his professional pattern making and build services, please click on his name anywhere on this page. To visit his site, click the banner link below…


This kit is lightable!! You can purchase a light kit through VooDooFX by clicking the banner below:


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