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From “FireFly” & “Serenity”

Malcom Reynolds

Metal-Plated Pistol Replica!



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Now available for Preorder. Expected to ship April 2012.

QMx is proud to offer this metal-plated, screen-accurate replica of the iconic sidearm carried by Captain Malcolm Reynolds of the Firefly-class transport, Serenity.
Years of development have gone into creating this entirely new, non-firing replica of Mal pistol. Using a mold of the original stunt pistol carried by actor Nathan Fillion, we’ve created a highly detailed piece, from the grips to the trigger to the barrel.
Measuring 14 inches from the tip of the barrel to the back on the hand-painted simulated wood grips, our Mal pistol weighs in at just over a pound, giving it a solid heft.
The body is cast in polystone and composed of several parts, each of which is metal-plated using the same process as our critically acclaimed Phaser replica. The pistol is then painted and weathered to match the antique brass color of the original hero prop, prior to final assembly.
We’ve even included a black display base and two “floating” acrylic risers – perfect for showcasing your Malcolm Reynolds Metal-Plated Pistol Replica.
We’re pleased to present this screen-accurate, 1:1 scale replica for the unheard of price of just $79.95.

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