Modeler’s Miniature’s and Magic DISCLAIMER STATEMENT

Modeler’s Miniature’s and Magic is only a promotional arena for the art form. While we do promote and show artists works, and collections, we have no affiliation with the artists, seller’s, or collectors who show their works and offerings on our site. As such, we do not get involved with the transactions between the artist and client / collector,…. or the same in reverse order. The idea of the site is to only concentrate on the ‘positive’ aspects of this art form.
We at MMM do stand behind our ethics of what we have stated on our site, and will adhere to those ethical standards should proper legal proof be shown of wrong doing, and not of simple error in judgment’s by either party. Those errors must be discovered and dealt with only by the parties involved. To continue a positive atmosphere, we must always take a stand that we do not get involved with any negotiation, sale, or contract between two or more parties. While unfortunate events and circumstances do happen within this art form, those situations are simply none of our business to be involved in.
Modeler Magic does care about all who contact us. However, transactions must be handled only between those parties involved in transaction.
Thank you,
Modeler’s Miniature’s and Magic
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