KIT ALERT!! 1:2 Farscape DRD (Diagnostic Repair Droid) from Hunk of Junk Productions





DRD (Diagnostic Repair Drone)

*Kit Producer: Hunk of Junk Productions DRD 0 (18)
*Kit Scale: 1/2
*Kit Materials: Resin
*Kit Price: $60
*Shipping Amount: $13 Priority Mail
*Shipping: Contact seller for cost of Shipping World-wide
*Kit Availability Date: NOW
*Payment Methods: PayPal, Check or Money Order
*PayPal E-Mail Address:

*Kit Description:

This is the DRD from the Farscape TV series. Its 1/2 scale and hollow inside. We left it hollow for those wishing to put lighting or an rc control inside it. There 2 acrylic balls that come with it for the eyes. The eye stalks are hollow for wiring LEDs in behind them.The kit comes with optional weapon or claw. The bottom plate is a tight fit that can be easily removed for working with . Contact me if you have any other questions.

Contact me if you have any questions. International orders welcome and shipping will be calculated on your location

To contact the KIT PRODUCER direct, please click the CONTACT KIT PRODUCER link below.


DRD 0 (11)

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