Babylon 5 SA-23J Thunderbolt by Steve Blanes for Martin Balog

I miss Babylon 5, and this build from Steve Blanes makes me miss it even more. Nicely done!


Lots of work done on the Thunderbolt. Airbrushed, drybrushed with Tamiya paints. Special Blend of Titanium Silver and Royal Grey

A resin model I built for my best friend and Sensei Martin Balog. This model has several layers of color to give it a deeper look. Sprayed with 3 layers dullcoat and 3 layers gloss at the end for protection.


SA-23J Thunderbolt 2 013

SA-23J Thunderbolt 2 014

SA-23J Thunderbolt 2 019

SA-23J Thunderbolt 2 020

SA-23J Thunderbolt 2 021


“White Tiger”

Steve Blanes

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