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Famed artist, director, screen writer, and now Author Scott Lawrence Alexander… yes.. the famous Captain Cardboard, showed me years ago a story he had written…. based in the 1950’s and about classic alien invasion. I LOVED IT! That same story has now been published in Book form.. or electronic book form and is available on! This story is not only exciting, but will keep you on the edge of your seat… just like watching a film in your mind! Fantastic! Great job Scott!




Here is a Teaser for you all….



Billy saw a small red light go on and heard something on the sentry’s backpack begin to whine quietly. Another light came on and the sentry’s hand went to the end of the weapon and twisted something shaped like a beer can. Billy could hear it click. The sentry looked down at Billy. He’d been aware of his audience.

Billy’s mind was working as fast as a ten year-old’s mind could work. He didn’t know what was going on or what was about to happen. He just knew he had to protect his mom and dad. So he drew first one of his cap-guns, and then the other…

The sentry whipped his weapon around and fired, all in one motion! Ruth and Dave saw a brief flash and a quiet “WHUPP”! They looked down to see all that was left of Billy, just a bit of both shins and his cowboy boots!

The sentry saw this as well. He turned his attention to the end of the weapon again and gave the tip a couple more clicks to the right!

Ruth recovered enough to scream, but only got her vocal chords to vibrate briefly before the sentry fired again! This time, instead of just disappearing like Billy, Ruth was caught in an energized particle beam that eroded her as if she was made of sand standing in a two-hundred mile an hour wind, eroding her out of existence in seconds!




And the Foreword from Scott Lawrence Alexander…



I’d like to ask the reader to take the time to read this foreword as there are a few things I would like everyone to know about this story.

First, this takes place entirely in 1958. There is no reference to our time, here in 2015. And the reason is quite simple.

In terms of storytelling, the time of 1958 really cuts down on the technology available to the characters. As writing goes, more technology means you have to invent ways to limit its use, to cause the characters to encounter unexpected conflict. In this case, the technology hasn’t been invented yet, so the characters have to deal with the situations without first discovering something they need doesn’t work. Basically, the time in which the story is set eliminates the need for contrivance!

The second reason I wrote this is that my main goal in life was to become a motion-picture writer/director. I actually achieved half of that goal by being the co-author of a film called ‘SPACED INVADERS’ (Touchstone, 1990). My friend Patrick Read Johnson and I wrote that script in April-May 1988. He directed it and I also served as the Art Director. I thought it would not be long before I would have other opportunities, but despite writing three more scripts on my own, nothing happened.

Then, in 1995, I came across the script for ‘Mars Attacks!’ It seems Tim Burton was going to do my dream project. I had a set of those cards as a kid and I swore if I ever got to a place where I could choose my dream project, ‘Mars Attacks!’ would be it.

So, with the knowledge that I was not going to be able to have that dream come true, I decided to write my own 50’s science-fiction story. I finished that script in December 1995 and could not think of a title. The file had the working title of ‘Science Fiction’. I also recognized that I had structured my story as a number of individual stories all taking place at the same time, but none of the characters in one story knew the characters in the other stories– the structure used in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘PULP FICTION’. So, I just kept my working title, but changed it to all caps!

Just as I was wrapping up the work on the script, I suddenly realized something—the real reason I just had to write this story.

I was raised on the science fiction films of the 50’s. I was only seven years old when I saw ‘The Space Children’ from the backseat of my family’s 1949 Hudson at our local drive-in. It scared the whoops out of me! The horror continued several years later when I saw the dinosaurs in ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth.’ The first time I saw ‘Frankenstein’ was on television, at age 9 or 10. As I got older, the films I had not seen found their way before my absorbing eyes, on our 19-inch black-and-white Sylvania TV, until– there were no more! I had seen them all!

Science-fiction films were being made, they were not scarce. But most of them were not good. Most of the SF films I’d seen were not good, but I was a kid and had no way to realize I should not have been entertained! Later in life, I could tell the bad ones were that way probably due to lack of money and time and the writing was only adequate. I could see the stories that had the best scripts got bigger budgets and were just better films. Let’s face it, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ is much better than ‘Tobor the Great’! ‘Forbidden Planet’ is way better than ‘The Colossus of New York’ and ‘The 4-D Man’– put together! But, to me and a lot of others, I’d watch any of those, good or bad, any time they show up on my 55-inch flat-screen TV! Who would not sit through ‘The Crawling Eye’, if given the opportunity!

Well, the end for what had become standard Sci-Fi movies came in 1968, with ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. No more rockets with fins, no more cheap monsters and the bar had definitely been raised with regard to the science– and the writing!

I see my work, if it ever gets produced, as adding to the list of Sci-Fi films from the 50’s, perhaps even becoming a classic. Of course, the saving grace would be the snazzy visual effects available in today’s digital world, which would take my story to the next level, creating a new genre of film: Retro Sci-Fi!

The end of my story here is I just could not connect with a producer that wanted to have anything to do with something that had great characters and an intelligent storyline. All they wanted was something to hang big explosions on. Well, this does have explosions in it, but only the last one is big.

So, after twenty years, I decided to write my story as a novel. It is actually better as a novel and I think I achieved my goal of creating something that plays well as a story originating in 1958! This is my first novel and I really hope you enjoy it! And, who knows. Maybe some producer will read this book and…

There I go, dreaming again!

Scott Lawrence Alexander

January 2015


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