Studio Scale Colonial Movers built by Sean Sides


Master Modeler Sean Sides (of Square Models) is already well known within this art form and industry, however his latest endeavors of Studio Scale Battlestar Galactica Models (with assistance from other great modelers) has made his presence even more dramatic to all who build.

Here is what Sean had to say…

This is my attempt at recreating the filming miniature “Colonial Movers” from the original Battlestar Galactica series. I wanted to take a brief detour from the studio scale Galactica recreation, and this was the perfect subject. It took about a month of steady work on weekends and after work. The model is about 90% all original parts that were used. The rear engine section was the biggest compromise. I couldn’t find anymore Airfix Saturn V’s, so I used the Monogram kit only for the back SatV. The front engine section is an Airfix kit. I forgot to put the B-29 parts on for these pics on the ‘collar’, but they are on now.

This project would not have been successful without the help of a few good friends, so thanks guys for your help! – George T., Ryan C., Mike N., Mark D. and Jason E.