MMM Celebrates it’s 1 Year Anniversary!


ONE Year! It went by so fast! And it did so due to all of the great artists and viewers that made this site the success it has become!

Today (December 15, 2009) is exactly the one year date from our meager beginning of only a few thousand hits in a month. Now, on this date, we are celebrating more viewership and artist participation than ever with more than FOUR MILLION hits being recorded every month from nearly 80 different countries of the world! That is more than half the nations on planet Earth!


I wish to than all of you who participate and view this site! It is YOU who make it what it is, and what it still will become! Together we can achieve GREAT things! And as I stated in my mission statement one year ago… if we can come together in something as simple as this art form…. then we have much to look forward to as the human race progresses. It proves we can come together with something in common.

Thank you all once more! It is my wish to continue this for years to come with all of your participation. Onward to yet another year of great strides for us all…. TOGETHER!!

Be Well!

Kurt Kuhn

Kuhn Global, Inc.


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