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Kit Scale: 28″/~71cm

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Whether you’re a collector, model-maker, hobbyist, or simply a Star Trek fan, you’ll soon be able to construct your own Enterprise-D right at home. Subscribers will receive regular deliveries of parts and simple instructions, but there’s no need for glue or paint (or a degree in starship engineering) – every component of this easy-to-build starship model comes pre-painted, and will simply click or screw together to form your own Enterprise-D, ready to be displayed on its model stand.

At over two feet long, the complete model is an exacting replica of the iconic starship from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The legendary Dan Curry, VFX producer on The Next Generation, as well as Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, says that this “beautiful model” was “such good quality that we could have used it for some of the shots we created for The Next Generation. Nowadays visual effects are mostly done with CG. This reminds me of the incredible models we used to work with for traditional effects, which were built by master craftsmen.

Based on a careful study of the different studio models used in filming, the model replicates every last detail of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, from its phaser strips and RCS thrusters to the Captain’s yacht, including:

  • Expert color-matching to the Starship’s on-screen appearance
  • Decals to capture the tiniest details of each component
  • Saucer and Star-Drive sections that can be cleanly separated for display, just as seen on screen
  • Working internal lights that match the original Studio Model, illuminating the ship’s windows, engines, navigation lights, and main deflector
  • Separate power sources for the Star-Drive and Saucer sections, to keep both lit

The interior is packed with working lights, that bring everything to life, with separate power supplies for the Saucer, Star-Drive section, and each nacelle. The exterior of the model is packed with details including phaser strips, transporter emitters, sensor arrays, anti-matter loading hatches, and the Captain’s Yacht.

Every issue in this subscription comes with simple instructions, labelled and color-coded for ease of assembly – and is also packed with extra features for Star Trek fans. With each delivery, you’ll build a collector’s guide of behind the scenes information, insightful interviews, and astounding art from the people who made TNG, starting with how Andy Probert designed the Enterprise-D itself.

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