Enterprise 1701-D by Jeff Goldsack

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Here is my recently completed Enterprise D. It is based on the “Generations”. It was build using the clear 1/1400 re-released from Round2/AMT. It has been modified using aftermarket photoetch parts, replacement resin pieces (notably the neck and the additions to the rear of the nacelles), to make it more accurate to the 6′ filming model. It also includes more accurate suacer impulse engines, mastered by myself and cast by Tetryon Parts. This build took me 11 months, off and on.

The aztec pattern was airbrushed using custom made masks using 4 different shades of blue/gray custom mixed paints. The pattern itself was based on the aztec found on the studio model, combined with the kits aztec decals to provide the main pattern base. The masks were drawn and cut out by hand by myself, one of the most tedious tasks of the build.

It is fully lit with accurate positional lights, strobes, warp engines, main impulse engine and deflector dish. I tried to make as many of the windows lit in the same positions as seen on screen, using various screencaps and other resources. I removed windows that were not present on the studio model, as well as adding windows that were missing, and opening up 10-Forward. I also tinted a fair number of the windows light blue, to match the different colored windows of the studio model.

There are many other small details that I tried to match up to the studio model (such as small pinstriping that isn’t apparent unless you look close), and other little things that when you see it will add to the “wow” factor of the model.

This build was built for a client after he saw my previous Enterprise build, and his request was to make it as close to the 6 foot studio model as possible.

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Jeff Goldsack

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