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1:700 19 inch Rodger Young by DTSSYST

Last shown for his amazing build of a Star Destroyer, the artist known as DTSSYST again shows skills in this older build of the huge vessel from Starship Troopers… the Rodger Young! As seen on the Pro...

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Starship Troopers ROGER YOUNG in action photo from DTSSYST

Sent to us to show here by an anonymous provider (dtssyst), here is a fantastic action scene photo of the Roger Young from Starship Troopers!

I wish to thank dtssyst for sharing this with eve...

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1:12 Starship Troopers WARRIOR Bug built by Sean Sides

Built from the incredible kit mastered and offered from NICE-N Model Designs, professional modeler Sean Sides (of Square Models) did an amazing job capturing the ugly, yet fierce look of these Warrior...

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1:12 Starship Troopers WARRIOR Bug Kit mastered by NICE-N Model Designs

Mastered after the originals created by Phil Tippett for the Starship Trooper movies, NICE-N Model Designs did an amazing job creating this HUGE 1:12 kit of the Warrior Bug! It gives me the creeps jus...

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