MMM Celebrates it’s 2nd Year Anniversary! Thanks to YOU!


Another year completed as of 12/15/2010! Our Second! And because of all of your viewership out there, and the fantastic contributing artists we have been able to achieve numbers well exceeding any we could have imagined. We are now achieving over 300,000 hits each day! Again thanks to you!

This site has always been about the art form…. the artists… their amazing work… and the viewers who wish to be inspired by that work. Simply stated, it is about the Artists and Viewers, FOR the Artists and Viewers. And it is both of you that have again made this site better than it ever has been. I thank you for that. I am truly honored to be host to all these amazing artists… and to be able to show their fantastic works. Everyday there is something new that keeps me in that place of amazement and wonder.

Just two days ago I went on a modeling board… the RPF. After being interested in this art form for years, it is the place I first joined to really get into it. I searched there and found my very first posting… entitled “Studio Scale Models – The Dreamer”. I found what I stated back then remains what I continue to stand for… and why this Site exists… to thank those who make it possible, and to continue that dream for everyone to share.

Please forgive my “Board Spelling”. It is part of the fun. Here is what I stated back then…

For many years I have dreamed of holding a REAL X-Wing or a REAL Colonial Viper…you know what I mean.

This post is to compliment and thank all those who master these great kits and pieces for all of us to be able to enjoy the dream. With CGI taking over,..this is becoming a lost art. I think it important to always support actual model building of the fine designs coming from the shows or movies that allowed us to dream.

This stuff is sooooooo kewl! We all dreamed of this as kids or we wouldn’t be involved with it today.
To those Masters…. you know who you are,.. THANK YOU!

Today is no different. And with many new, talented modelers emerging into this fantastic art form… I still am very happy to say that the artworks created still leave me in amazement! You are all amazing people from every corner of this world we call home. Together we are strong and can keep this art form alive for centuries to come. Who knows? Maybe, with all your continued participation, this site may even survive that time. I can only imagine what wonders all of you will bring to be seen by then. FANTASTIC!

Thank you ARTISTS! Thank you for allowing this site to show your works!

Thank you VIEWERS! I hope that you continue to be inspired by the artists works shown here…. and even join in with your own art works!

Thank you to the Modeling Boards that continue to serve as inspiration and learning tools for all modelers!

May you ALL have a fantastic year in 2011…and onward!

Kurt Kuhn

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