Studio Scale Livery Ship built by Sean Sides


Once again we are honored to be able to show yet another of Sean’s materpieces. The Livery Ship from Battlestar Galactica in studio scale no less!

Here is what Sean Sides (of Square Models) had to say…

This is my scratch built recreation of the filming miniature “LIVERY SHIP” (AKA “Mineral Ship”) from the original Battlestar Galactica TV Series. I began this project in August 2008, and probably put about 150 hours into this model. The model is about 45″ long, and I used about 95% of the same model kit parts used on the original miniature. (Did you see the AMT Galileo Shuttlecraft body on the Engine Section?) I had a lot of used kits after the Galactica and Colonial Movers, so I only had to buy several Tamiya ship kits and a few others to get the majority of the right parts.

Thanks to all my friends on Resin Illuminati for your help during this project, including Ryan C., Sean C., George T., “Cripple”