FOUR 1:24 Galactica DeSanto/Singer Continuation Vipers built by R.L. Bleecker

Originally designed for the DeSanto Continuation Film, there is a story behind this fantastic kit. It was based on the kit that Michael Miles Artistry released a few years ago, but of which never reached it’s potential through failed delivery. Thus this FANTASTIC Galactica continuation Viper kit was born. Gil Brumana (of Moonbase Models), with some help from Mark Dickson, re-sculpted the shape and re-scribed all the lines, plus added fantastic new detail that really made that kit awesome!

Now… to the builds! Master Modeler R.L. Bleecker AGAIN did his usual masterful work! He made FOUR Vipers for the collection! Starbuck’s (which looks like a fighter that has seen better days due to Starbuck’s flying habits), Boomer’s, Greenbean’s, and Jolly’s! All are different! And, as you can see, all are beautiful!


Each Viper carries a Modeler Magic Gallery Appraisal of $2,000